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This is a Celebration of Life for our loving Cole Hanes.

We will remember him forever and cherish the time we had together looking forward to when we see each other again. He brought joy to all that knew him and asked only that we just be happy and enjoy life.   

Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments and photos joining us in celebrating Cole's life.

Thank you all who came out to Cole's birthday Celebration on Saturday June 25.
The music and time together with family and friends is exactly what Cole always wanted.
Tributes and Condolences
To My Friend   / Throttle John (Friend)
My friend with the disarming smile. The only thing worse than losing you is to not have known you at all. = Your Friend = Throttle John
Remembering  / Angel
To my dearest family some things I'd like to say...
but first of all to let you know that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love. <...  Continue >>
Sincere Sympathy and sorrow   / Marie &. Dee Healy/Thomas (extended family )
Dear Erica and Paul     Our heartfelt prayers and sympathy go out to you .  It is difficult when parents lose a child and no words are truely comforting to those left behind.  I am sure God had his reasons and hopef...  Continue >>
MISSING YOU   / Nichole Bell (friend)
"Its kinda hard with you not around know you in heaven smiling down watching us while we pray for you everyday we pray for you till the day we meet again in my heart is where ill keep you friend" Cole the last time i seen you you had ...  Continue >>
Miss you so much..   / Allana Childs (Friend)
You were practically family to me. I remember hanging out at your mom's house playing scattegories with you and Austin five years ago. I loved listening to you guys play music because it was always from the heart. You were always someone I wanted to ...  Continue >>
Cole / Sherie Selby (friend of Erika )    Read >>
To my friend Cole  / Kim Wade (Friend)    Read >>
Strange how we met  / Ronnie Turner (Friend)    Read >>
Cole, Erika and Paul  / Kathy Souza (Friend)    Read >>
I love you Cole  / Nicole Myles (Best friend )    Read >>
Dear Cole,  / Joe &. Marge Craig (Grandparents)    Read >>
THE GREAT TIMES WITH COLE MAN  / Meriah Miccichi (cousin)    Read >>
To Cole  / Brandi Akard (Step Sister )    Read >>
Cole / Michael Roberts (cousin)    Read >>
To You  / Michael Roberts (Uncle)    Read >>
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